ZÁSILKOVNA to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania

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We are expanding the possibility of transport to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania to the network of dispensing points of the transport company Zásielkovňa (SK), Przesyłkownia (PL), Csomagküldő (HU), Coletăria (RO). Delivery takes place through the transport company Zásilkovna.

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The transport company Zásilkovna is a parcel carrier and a network of dispensing points, usually delivering within the next day from the handover of the consignment for transport to the dispensing point of your choice.

Detailed information:

  • Delivery area: the whole territory of the SR, PL, HU, RO
  • Delivery days: working days and for some dispensing points also Saturday and Sunday
  • Pick-up time range: according to the selected dispensing point
  • Only for packages up to 5 kg

After delivery of the consignment to the chosen delivery point, you will be sent an SMS and an e-mail with a password from the Mail Order, with which you can pick it up. From now on, you can pick up the shipment at any time within 7 days, or extend the deadline to 21 days by sending a reply SMS.

Type of service Price including VAT Delivery days
Transport SK 95 CZK / 3,8 € D+1
Transport PL,HU 100 CZK / 4 € D+2
Transport RO 100 CZK / 4 € D+3

For more information about the status and delivery date, it is possible to use:

  • You can track the shipment at: Package tracking
  • Carrier information line: +420 216 216 516