The birth of Project Botas 66 Classic

Development of the project


The project of BOTAS Classic 66  started as a school task  specified by Professor Rostislav Vaněk from the Studio of Graphical Design and Visual Communication. Students who carried out this project had to design some sports shoes.

Two of the students ( Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš ) decided to use well-known and even by design theoreticians appreciated classical original foot tennis shoes made by BOTAS factory and to demonstrate the fact that even a renowned firm can gain benefit from  a close co-operation with graphical designers. This collaboration distinctly showed that graphical designers could be involved not only in advertising but also in design activities and they could realize their visions in co-operation with the company´s design department. Such a mutual process can bring new perspectives and it also provides a very strong  and compact impression concerning all products, packaging system, promotion or  business premises as well. This presentation can express a unique visual style of products as well as of the whole company.

After subsequent contacts and willing approach of BOTAS company the students had a special opportunity to demonstrate all process in practice, which was a new situation because up to that time they could realize their projects in academic field only.

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