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CODE: OD41518-7-097
COLOURS: brown/beige
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07C WOOD STOCK model is a unisex cool boot with a minimalist construction solution designed for the urban jungle and for walks in the country.

The all-leather upper part of the shoe is made of natural smooth and split leather in a brown-beige design. The inside of the shoe consists of a durable white synthetic material and an anatomically shaped three-layer and replaceable insole in brown with a white print of the BOTAS AUTHENTIC graphic logo. The lightweight three-layer sole with a lower drop allows unique contact with the surface underfoot.

Motto: Remember the biggest party of the 20th century. (Wikipedia)


I am an unmissable design icon – versatile and proven by many years of development

The CLASSIC line is indisputably the flagship of the BOTAS AUTHENTIC label. A simple shape and timeless design solutions in combination with the graphic concept of combining coloured leathers give rise to an iconic model of lifestyle footwear. Quality handmade production from the Czech Republic and imaginative award-winning design make these shoes an obvious choice for enhancement of every wardrobe.

In this shape design, the CLASSIC model has been produced in minor variations continuously since 1966, and its great popularity has caused the word "botasky" (Botas sneakers) to be used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to refer to all sports and recreational footwear.

Producer: BOTAS
Collection: Authentic
Recommended use: urban and leisure shoe
Colours: brown/beige
Upper: circle split velours/split velours
Lining: textile+white synthetic
Insole: BOTAS AUTHENTIC SOFT FIT 2 BROWN + white print
Midsole-wedge: EVAc-black/EVAc-white
Sole: transparent rubber outsole BOTAS CLASSIC
Laces: 0031-brown, length-130 cm
Size (EUR): 36 - 48 EUR
Weight (EUR 42): 675 g
Recommended care: use brush, parts of soft leather gently rinse with water (no detergent!) and let dry at room temperature.

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