Sneakers BOTAS 66 at Urban Market in 2013

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During  May 31st - June 3rd, 2013 was held in Bratislava selling exhibition of contemporary art and design - URBAN MARKET 2013 (Spring Edition). Events held in the Old Market Place at SNP Square, within the DAAD (Day of Architecture and Design), together with the city's music.

Pozvánka UM

Summer Urban Market presents contemporary Slovak fashion, creative, amateur as well as professional production, design, street art and young artists. Our "sneakers" from the collection botas66 were not lost in this selected society.

Urban market 2013 - botasky
Sneakers BOTAS 66 at Urban Market in 2013

UM4_m UM5_m
The Place Stará Tržnica at square SNP, Bratislava

Photo: Michal Babinčák

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