Official draw of the World Championship 2016 of Footnet

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On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. at the football club FC Zbrojovka Brno was held the official draw of the World Championship of Footnet in 2016, during the press conference devoted to major footnet event of this year.

The conference was attended among others by President of UNIF and CNS Kamil Kleník, manager of the Czech national team Jiri Smejkal, national coach of Czech team Petr Gulda, footballer and patron of the event Peter Švancara and Jan Pospisil, twenty times world champion in wheel.

Eng. František Nestával, CEO of BOTAS a.s. introduced, in the role of one of the main sponsors of the World Cup, the special GOLD EDITION of BOTAS footnet shoes, produced in the limited edition for the World Cup, which will be worn by Czech and Slovak national footnet team.

  Draw Shoes of footnet SPIDER PRO

Soccer player Petr Švancara draws the core group     Presentation shoes of footnet - SPIDER PRO