Kožíšek finished with super results on roller skiing

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Roller skier Dušan Kožíšek missed the podium at the World Cup in Markleeberg Germany only after an impressive photo finish.  He finished fourth in the three stage race, close behind Guillame Berhault of France.

Native Erik Hänel won, followed by Alexander Denisov of Russia. 22 year old Czech female skier Karolína Bícová finished seventh.

“I felt bad about it. I was in the lead riding to the top, but it was not enough. There were other specialists in plains and steep downhill slopes, who sped ahead without poles and skating much more on the edge and I couldn’t keep up,” says 28 year old Czech representative, who has already enriched his season for the second time in summer skiing, for the web czech-ski.com.

In August, he competed together with Koukal and Razým at the World Championships in Norway, where they came in sixth in the relay race.  

“Organisers are trying to attract more and more skiers. Races have a decent atmosphere,” adds Kožíšek. He finished 4th in the 8 km prologue, sixth in sprint and then came in fourth in the aforementioned final 18 km race starting with Gundersen’s method.

Kožíšek is grateful and praises the special summer sprinter training in the representation team with trainer Korunka. “We are increasing our strength, I have already gained two kilos of body weight. I can go all the way up to eighty two,” says the two-time medallist from the World Championships in team sprint.

A similar triple combination awaits him at the weekend in the Czech Summer Nationals in Liberec. The sprint and endurance race on roller skis will be