Kožíšek dominated in sprint under the VÍTKOVICE tower

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City Cross Sprint 2014 - pozvánka

Dušan Kožíšek won the second celebration of RWE City Cross Sprint, which took place on March 8th, 2014 in the attractive surroundings of the former industrial area of Dolní Vítkovice. The second was Jakub Gräf, the third was the olympic medalist from Turin french Roddy Darragon.

"I did not expect I will succeed in this huge competition, which came from the World Cup guys, who even score there as well," Dušan Kožíšek said at the finish. "I succeeded this year in the World Cup just once to grab one point, I was not expecting it. But Finns dropped out in first rounds that is why I have not met them at all. "


City Cross Sprint 2014 - Dušan Kožíšek1  City Cross Sprint 2014 - Dušan Kožíšek1

Dušan Kožíšek in new botas-shoes at winning the sprint