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CODE: ST42901-7-161
COLOURS: black
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The anatomically shaped four-layer insole with a black top layer BOTAS SOFT FIT 6 BLACK and a black print of the text logo BOTAS in the heel part of the top layer.

The top layer is made of color-resistant polyester textile. The textile is applied on a layer with active memory foam, which ensures ideal adaptation of the insole to the shape of the foot and improves cushioning when stepping on it.

The middle, carrier layer is made of a mixture of polyester and viscose fibers. At higher temperatures it is formable, at temperatures above 45°C it retains its shape obtained during production. The high water vapor absorption capacity and rapid water desorption give the foot a "dry foot" feeling.

The bottom layer is made of foamed polyethylene. Together with the layer of memory foam, its task is to soften the foot strike, save the joints and support the transverse and longitudinal arch of the foot.

It is advisable to remove the insole from the shoe after use – not only the insole but also the inside of the shoe dries better - which will affect the comfort of wearing the shoe the next day. The insoles are dried at room temperature, but max. up to 40°C.

Producer: BOTAS
Collection: Botas sport
Colours: black/white
Color Insole: Black
Color Printing: White
Top Layer: Color-resistant polyester textile applied on a layer with active memory foam
Middle Layer: Mixture of polyester and viscose fibers
Bottom Layer: Lightweight polyethylene
Recommended care: Remove the insoles off shoes and dry by room temperature (max. 40 ° C)
Size (EUR): 36-48 EUR
Weight (EUR 42): 51 g

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