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WAX 200 impregnation is suitable for all types of leather and artificial leather shoes and brings three unique products in one. After easy application with a spray and sponge, you will ensure water resistance for up to three months, prevent dirt from adhering and, thanks to the wax admixture, maintain the leather, protect it from cracking and polish it. In winter, the silicon protective layer also protects against road salt, in summer against sunlight.

What is WAX 200 footwear wax impregnation used for?

It maintains the leather and prevents it from cracking

The wax additive maintains the natural leather and prevents it from cracking in strong sunlight and in freezing weather. It also restores the original color and shine of the material.

It prevents dirt from adhering

The solution forms a protective silicon layer on the surface of the leather. It repels water and dirt and prevents the design of unsightly stains.

It increases resistance to road salt

The silicon protective layer repels road salt during the winter season – and thus prevents damage to the shoes.

It restores design and protects against UV radiation

Nanoparticles prevent the material from being damaged by the sun's rays. Thanks to this, leather shoes do not change color even during long-term exposure to the sun.

With WAX 200 impregnation you will protect all types of leather shoes:

  • formal shoes
  • women's high boots
  • biker boots
  • moccasins
  • trainers and hiking boots
  • army and police footwear
  • leather shoes with membrane

How to use the spray?

Apply IMPREGNATION WAX 200 to a clean and dry cloth. Shake the spray thoroughly before use.

  1. Apply the solution in a continuous layer from a distance of 10 to 15 cm. After application, leave it for 5 minutes and rub it into the leather of the shoes.
  2. Repeat the application (application and aeration of the solution) after 15 minutes.
  3. After the second application, wait 24 hours – during this time a protective silicon layer will form on the leather. During drying, place the shoes out of direct sunlight, in ventilated areas with a temperature of 10 to 35°C. Do not speed up the drying process in any way!

Store the solution container at 3 to 30°C and out of direct sunlight. If the temperature drops below 3°C and the solution freezes, it will degrade.

Technical properties:

  • Preservation of protection against water, dirt and salt for up to 3 months (depending on wear) long-term maintenance of the material
  • consumption: 25 to 100 ml per 1 m2 – depending on the absorption properties of the material
  • shelf life: at least 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • package contents: 200 ml + aplication sponge


A mixture of modified silicon nanoparticles and wax, functionalized polymer, ethanol, acetic acid.

WAX  200 impregnation for shoes product video:

Use: universal impregnation for textile, leather and membrane footwear
Volume: 200 ml
Service life: at least 2 years from date of manufacture
Ingredients: A mixture of modified silicon nanoparticles and wax, functionalized polymer, ethanol, acetic acid

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