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Top futnet shoes SPIDER PRO MS 2016 black are designed for the top futnet players. Compared to the previous model, FUTNET PRO, besides a new dynamic design, this model offers its users several major design and material innovations.

The shoe upper is traditionally made of high quality leather material, functionally reinforced with the new nylon liner and designer stitching of the instep.

Better interior comfort of the shoes is provided by the contoured insole supporting the arch of the foot and the new hollow robustly resilient shoestring providing additional design the overall look of the shoe.

Certainly, the greatest triumph of this shoe is a new material composition of the sole. In addition to years of proven self-cleaning design, this transparent sole also features a new lower weight, increased flexibility and softness of the tread.

As a result of all these design and material innovations, SPIDER PRO shoes are significantly lighter and friendlier for the player.

SPIDER PRO MS 2016 is part of 6 models of a limited collection, GOLD EDITION MS 2016, made specially for the occasion of the Futnet World Championship in Brno. The overall design of shoes is therefore completed by special decorating – GOLD EDITION MS 2016 embroidery on the back part of shoes, outlined MS 2016 logo and a special fabric label on the tongue with the logo UNIF – International Futnet Association.


Producer: BOTAS
Recommended use: for footnet and indoor sports
Colours: black
Upper: soft leather reinforced by nylon lining and functionally combined with split leather
Lining: textile+synthetic
Counter: flexible plastic
Insole: BOTAS 66 SOFT FIT 3 BLACK/white
Size: 41 - 47 EUR
Weight (EUR 42): 710 g
Midsole-wedge: EVAc/EVAc
Sole: PERFECT STABLE - two-tone sole UNIVERSAL made of transparent rubber + black
Recommended care: use brush, parts of soft leather gently rinse with water (no detergent!) and let dry at room temperature.