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COLOURS: yellow
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The top futnet shoes SPIDER PRO 2 BLACK are intended for active futnet players who do not compromise.

Compared to the previous SPIDER PRO model, this shoes offers its users, in addition to a new dynamic design and color, several major construction and material innovations.

The upper of the shoe is traditionally made of natural, high-quality leather material, functionally reinforced with nylon lining and design instep stitching. A part of the ring part in lacing has been reworked. The ergonomic design in the front part of the ring part helps to bend the shoe, and in the upper part the possibility of tightening the lacing or possible blockage in the added lacing hole has been improved.

The completely new construction of the tongue is padded with bandage foam to protect the instep and ventilated by perforation. The excellent shape of the instep part is ensured by the newly shaped stitching of the tongue.

The heel part of the shoe has been redesigned in a new, more dynamic shape and the two-color 3D LOGO BOTAS is sewn into the heel protector.

The new anatomically shaped four-layer insole BOTAS SOFT FIT 6, black with a white BOTAS print, contributes to the more pleasant inner comfort of the footwear. Orange active memory foam provides improved cushioning, foot pressure distribution and power transfer to the sole. The new hollow, more durable lacing with a longer ending for easier threading in black and red complements the overall look of the shoe.

PERFECT STABLE PROHowever, the PERFECT STABLE PRO © sole recorded the biggest change.

It is a specially developed transparent sole for football with a NON MARKING effect (it does not leave smudges on the surface).

In addition to the years-proven anti-slip and self-cleaning tread pattern, ANTI also boasts a number of construction and design modifications, such as the extended shape of the tread around the perimeter of the instep and heel of the sole, which ensures perfect stability and maneuverability.

The sole is made of a new, more durable rubber compound, which has 23% less abrasion than the previous version.

The circular SPIN ELEMENT has been integrated into the sole, which improves the properties of the shoe when rotating and causes less wear on the shoe.


The overall design of the shoes in a yellow and black color combination is completed by BOTAS embroidery on the heel of the shoe, a textile tricolor and a mesh logo for the World Championship 2022 with futnet with a 3D effect on the side of the shoe. New textile label on the tongue with the woven logo of the World Championship 2022 in futnet and the printed BOTAS logo on the loop of the ring part of the shoe.

The BOTAS SPIDER PRO 2 shoes was developed in cooperation with the Czech Futnet Association and representatives of the Czech Republic in futnet.

BOTAS wears World Champions!

Producer: BOTAS
Collection: Botas sport
Recommended use: for footnet and indoor sports
Colours: yellow
Upper: soft leather reinforced by nylon lining and functionally combined with split leather
Lining: textile+synthetic
Counter: flexible plastic
Insole: BOTAS SOFT FIT 6 BLACK/white
Midsole-wedge: EVAc/EVAc
Sole: PERFECT STABLE PRO© - special TOP two-tone sole made of transparent and black rubber
Size (EUR): 41 - 47 EUR
Weight (EUR 42): 698 g / pair
Width: H3
Recommended care: use brush, parts of soft leather gently rinse with water (no detergent!) and let dry at room temperature.

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