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Colours: burgundy/white
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RICHELIEU is a novelty in the spring collection 2017.

They are supplied with alternative white shoe laces of 130 cm length.

Motto: There is mystery under priestly robes.

As opposed to the full-leather CLASSIC and MID models, RUN is created from the combination of natural hide with textile material. Thanks to its cut and design for running, this model offers fundamentally different qualities. As it is our tradition, even this model is a reincarnation. Botas from the nineteen nineties were the example for us in this case.

Producer: BOTAS
Recommended use: urban and leisure shoe
Colours: burgundy/white
Upper: velour/perforated velour/smooth leather
Lining: textile
Insole: BOTAS 66 SOFT FIT 2 WHITE/black
Midsole-wedge: EVAc/EVAc
Sole: rubber
Size: 36 - 48 EUR
Weight (EUR 42): 760g
Recommended care: use brush and let dry at room temperature
Alternative laces: 0011-white; legth 130cm