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Colours: white/blue
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REPRESENTANT is elegant colorful shoes - thanks to the classic tricolor proudly represents its origin. And what about you?

In the package are attached alternative laces: 4968-blue, tinge Nevadza

Motto: I have been representing the Czech Republic for 60 years, now I can also represent you.

BOTAS CLASSIC 66 are without a doubt the flagship product of the BOTAS 66 label. The simple shape and timeless design in combination with a graphic concept combined with coloured hide create an endless ride along the meads and through the groves in lifestyle footwear.

Producer: BOTAS
Recommended use: urban and leisure shoe
Colours: white/blue
Upper: soft perforated leather/split velours
Lining: textile+synthetic
Insole: BOTAS 66 SOFT FIT 2 WHITE/black
Midsole-wedge: EVAc/EVAc
Sole: rubber
Size: 36 - 48 EUR
Weight (EUR 42): 766g
Recommended care: use brush, parts of soft leather gently rinse with water (no detergent!) and let dry at room temperature.
Alternative laces: 4968 - blue (Nevadza), length 130 cm