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Logo BOTAS AUTHENTICBOTAS introduces thesecond collection of legendary sneakers – the BOTAS AUTHENTIC Spring 2022.

After 10 years, BOTAS AUTHENTIC is replacing the successful BOTAS 66 collection, from which it draws the principle of combining many years of experience in the production of high-quality Czech shoes with the imaginative design of individual models, with input from the renowned Italian design studio VERTIGO.

Czech production - the production of legendary sneakers has been realizing in Skuteč, in the Pardubice Region, continuously since 1966. However, the tradition of real shoemakers dates back to the 16th century (see more in the establishment of the company).

Limited series - the uniqueness of the BOTAS AUTHENTIC label is enhanced by the fact that individual models are produced in limited quantities of lower hundreds of pairs.

Handmade - the sneakers are made without the use of production lines, and therefore each shoe is virtually original.

Sneakers with a story - each model has its own mini-story, from which the design solution was drawn and which is expressed in the name of the model and its motto: most models includes a reference to a more detailed explanation on Wikipedia.

The spring collection of 2022 consists of 32 models in 3 series – NATURE, CLASSIC and STREET and contains 15 novelties.

Overview of news from the BOTAS AUTHENTIC Spring 2022 collection
botas authentic nature - lišta
12n wild flamenco 13n arctic monkeys 14n dragon fly 15n flower child
16n butterfly wings 17n great future 18n happiness lower 19n nation memory
botas authentic classic
13c deep blue classic 14c sunshine law 15c true blue 16c scared camel
botas authentic street
08s deep blue street 09s quo vadis 10s king skate