botas 66 - MID and RUN

logo-MIDbotas 66 MID

are designed as an extension of the very popular botas 66 CLASSIC model with the objective of making your steps more pleasant even in cooler months of the year and to offer greater support to your feet. Just as its predecessor, even the MID model gathers inspiration from history. It has been inspired by professional footwear for basketball, which has undergone through changes in terms of structure and aesthetics, in order for it to meet your everyday needs.


logo-MIDbotas 66 RUN

asopposed to the full-leather CLASSIC and MID models, RUN is created from the combination of natural hide with textile material. Thanks to its cut and design for running, this model offers fundamentally different qualities. As it is our tradition, even this model is a reincarnation. Botas from the nineteen eighties were the example for us in this case.