100 Years of Czech Design

In 2005 the exhibition called “100 Years of Czech Design” was held in Berlin. BOTAS shoes had honourable position there. In the same year BOTAS shoes were registered among 100 TOP Czech design icons.

Vivid travelling exhibit with the addition of the attractive book was the first pathfinder which mapped 100 years of Czech design and was promoting our country abroad. Original project was created by a private effort, independently on state.


Czech 100 design icons: kokubismus, krteček a Remek

“Right now, Designmai is happening in Berlin and in the center of Stilwerk, where the design is being bought, thirty pairs of Czech botasky is swinging from above, on … ”

text: Martina Králová, iHned.cz, 26. 5. 2005

The exposition was shown during the event “Czech hundred” in many European metropolises i.e. Stockholm, Brighton, Milan, Bratislava etc. Her Czech premiere took place during the Prague days of design – Designblok 2005 in the shopping center Bata (Wenceslas square) – in the heart of another icon from Czech 100.

Financial Times wrote:

“Who would have known that design can become such an enjoyable guide to the economic, politic and social fate of a country. This happened,at least in the case of the Czech Republic, during the exhibition Czech hundred. ”

Clare Dowdy, Financial Times, 11 May 2005