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Colours: green/black/grey
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The Sneakers UROBOROS ULTIMA is novelty in the autumn collection 2018.

They are supplied with alternative red shoe laces of 140 cm length.

Motto: Purchase of a pair of Botas boots commences the selection of the next one ...


UROBOROS ULTIMA Uroboros (or úroboros, ouroboros, uroborus, (in Greek ????ßó??? — tail eater) is an ancient symbol showing a snake or a dragon eating its own tail. This symbol is connected with alchemy, gnosticism and hermetism. It symbolises the cyclic essence of things, the endless returns from the end to the beginning.


They are designed as an extension of the very popular botas 66 CLASSIC model with the objective of making your steps more pleasant even in cooler months of the year and to offer greater support to your feet. Just as its predecessor, even the MID model gathers inspiration from history. It has been inspired by professional footwear for basketball, which has undergone thorough changes in terms of structure and aesthetics, in order for it to meet your everyday needs.

Producer: BOTAS
Recommended use: urban and leisure shoe
Colours: green/black/grey
Upper: perforated leather/soft leather with embossed design/split velours
Lining: textile/pigskin
Midsole-wedge: EVAc/EVAc
Sole: black rubber outsole BOTAS CLASSIC
Size: 37 - 48 EUR
Weight (EUR 42):
Alternative laces: 0029- grey; length 140 cm
Recommended care: use brush, parts of soft leather gently rinse with water (no detergent!) and let dry at room temperature.