The exhibition "Designblok 2018" will be held on 25 - 29 October 2018. The theme of this year's 20th anniversary of Designblok 2018 is a celebration. Designblok, Prague International Design Festival is the largest selection of design and fashion show in Central Europe. The history of the ... read more


Before launching the new collection BOTAS 66 Spring-Summer 2018 we have prepared a sale for you on older models of these unique botas shoes. ... read more

The most famous renewed Czech brands

The research tested the knowledge of brands that disappeared after 1989 and than returned to the market back. Question: Do you know some Czech brand which was well known in the era of socialism, later disappeared from the market due to change of conditions and now does it work again? As ... read more

BOTAS shoes and 100 years of design in Czechia

Iconic "botas" sport shoes become a part of the unique comprehensive publication DESIGN IN CZECH LANDS 1900 - 2000, which maps an extensive and very diverse area of the development of applied arts in our area during the 20th century. BOTAS shoes called "WOLLEY", mentioned in the publication, were ... read more


The Limited Collection „GOLD EDITION WCH“ 2016 is made on the occasion of the World Championship 2016 in footnet, which will be held in Brno from 18th to 20th November 2016. The collection of six models represents even the new top model SPIDER PRO, which will be worn by Czech (SPIDER PRO BLACK) ... read more


Katka and Láďa, travellers of the BigTrip, using BOTAS boos for the purpose, were awarded at the FREE TRAVELERS AWARDS 2018 in Milan, Italy. ... Of course in their Botas boots!! ... read more


... do you know that we are producing nordic boots and we supply nordic bindings on both the most common systems - SNS and NNN? NNN is trademark of Rottefella. ... read more

New Collection BOTAS 66

BOTAS presents the new collection BOTAS 66 spring-summer 2017. There are 17 new styles, which were placed into new collection and complete the „bestsellers“ of BOTAS 66 line and create design-ballanced offer, from which almost everyone may choose. News BOTAS 66 Spring-Autumn 2017 Collection ... read more


Od pátku 25. 11. do neděle 27.11. probíhá speciální 20% slevová akce na vybrané "black" modely BOTAS 66.    BLACK DEATH                               HIGH CONTRAST                               TOFU BLACK ... read more

Official draw of the World Championship 2016 of Footnet

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. at the football club FC Zbrojovka Brno was held the official draw of the World Championship of Footnet in 2016, during the press conference devoted to major footnet event of this year. The conference was attended among others by President of UNIF and ... read more